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             The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson
                   Governor, State of Pohnpei


Date of Birth: November 15, 1961

Work Experience:

Engineering Aide                                                          1981-1983
Pohnpei Transportation Authority

Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group          1988-1991

Director of Community Development                            1992-1995
Kolonia Town Government

White Collar Crime Investigator                                   1996-1998
Pohnpei State Legislature

Insurance Underwriter                                                 1998-1999
Moylan Insurance Inc.
Tamuning, Guam

Mayor of Kolonia Town                                                 1999-2011
Kolonia Town Government

 Governor                                                                  Present

Educational Background:

Our Lady of Mercy School                                             1968-1976

Pohnpei Agriculture Trade School                                 1976-1980

Eastern Oregon State College                                      1984-1986

California State University at Chico                              1986-1988

Personal Background:

Married to Linda Suzuki

9 Children

Father: Loren Peterson

Mother: Enerika Peterson

2016 State of the State Message
English Version
Pohnpeian Version



Job Opportunities[June 2017]

Detailed information on the vacancy announcement relating to announcement numbers, duties and responsibilities qualifications, requirements etc, may be obtained at the Division of Personnel, Department of Treasury and Administration,   (FSM) College of Micronesia (COM), and the Division of Personnel, Labor and Manpower Development, Department of Treasury and Administration at Kolonia, or at the places where positions are located.

[Opportunities] [Employment Application]





June 19, 2017, a swear-in ceremony was held at the Governor's Office  for two newly appointed board member for the Personal Review Board. Governor Peterson adminsitered the oath of Office to Nelsin Iriarte and Mordain David.








On June 16, 2017, the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held at Nett Elementary School for the Project for Construction of Gymnasium in Nett Elementary School, Pohnpei State which provided Department of Education, Pohnpei State with US$180,970 from Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects of the Government of Japan.

The goal for this project is to provide a gymnasium which improves an educational environment and students’ health at Nett Elementary School. Nett Elementary School has physical education classes for improving mental and physical health, and preventing a lifestyle-related disease for students.  However, this school has only an outside playground so that unfortunately the classes are often cancelled by heavy rains. Therefore, the provided gymnasium expects to help to conduct the classes regularly and safely which would improve education and health for 897 students and 18 teachers at Nett Elementary School. The gymnasium would be open to local people as well.

Charge d’Affairs ad interim Koji Sugiyama sincerely congratulated this day as a reinforcement of two countries’ friendship and hoped the Gymnasium will increase opportunities of exercise for students and local people.  Mr. Iginio Iriarte, Nett School PTA President expressed his full of joys for making local people’s long- term dream coming true by this project  and his gratitude to the Congress of the FSM. The Hon. Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei State stated that the Gymnasium will help not only people in Nett but also everyone in Pohnpei State to enhance their health and community’s and expressed his sincere appreciation to the government and people of Japan.

At the ceremony, Director of Department of Education Churchill Edward, Nett Elementary School Principal Primo Loyola, Budget Officer Christina Elnei, Public Affairs Officer Heinrick Stevenson, Nett District Administrator Peteriko Hairens, Delco Construction, and staffs of the Embassy of Japan in the FSM were also present.




On June 7, 2017 the USAID Deputy Mission Director Clay Epperson accompanied by the U.S Ambassador, His Excellency Robert Riley, conducted a courtesy visit to Governor of Pohnpei State. During the visit, His Excellency Robert Riley and Director Clay Epperson inquired Pohnpei State plan after 2023. Governor Peterson further the discussion by explaining the Strategic Development Plan that Pohnpei State Government is using to develop our Fisheries, Tourism, and Agriculture sector.








Honorable Reed B. Oliver administering his keynots speech at the Ohmine Elementary School Commencment Exercise.

May 26, 2017, Honorable Reeb B. Oliver attended aTurn-over Ceremony of the newly completed Classroom/Library bulding at Nahnpei Memorial High School.

Honorable Reed B. Oliver Giving his keynote speech at the Kolonia Early Childhood Education graduation at the Pohnpei State Public Gymnasium.

The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei State, Honorable Reed B. Oliver, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State, personally witnessed the assembly of the new Asphalt Plant.

Governor Peterson at the graduation of Sapwalap Early Childhood Education

May 16, 2017, a group of delegates from Guangdong Province paid a courtesy call to the Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei, and during the meeting they donated three new Macbook Air laptops to the State government. After the visit, the delegation invited Governor Peterson and Director Solomon of R&D to attend and witness a plaque revealing ceremony of Display Booth of Electrical Appliances Made in Zhongshan City (Guangdong Province, P.R.China) which was  held at the  New Mascot Supermarket. The delegates are as listed below:


1. Mr. LI Jian   

   Deputy Director General, Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province

2. Mr. WEI Long   

   Deputy Director General, General Office of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee

3. Mr. ZHANG Bing   

   Director, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Foshan Municipality of Guangdong Province

4. Mme. ZHENG Hongmei   

   Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province

5. Mme. SUN Haiqing   

   Deputy Director, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Zhongshan Municipality of Guangdong Province

6. Mr. JIN Lin   

   Section Chief, Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province

7. Mr. YUAN Zhen  

   Deputy Section Chief, Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province (Interpreter)


Office of the Governor- The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei, administered the Oath of Office to newly appointed board member of Small Business Guarantee & Finance Corporation. The ceremony was held at the Governor's Office on May 19 201.7











Opening Ceremony



May 12, 2017- The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson attended an Opening Ceremony hosted by MedPharm at the Company's Facility. The short Ceremony marks the first CT Scanner in the FSM. Governor Peterson personally thanked Sir Rene H. Ramos and the Medpharm staffs for their continued medical support for the people of Pohnpei. Governor Peterson further thanked Sir. Ramos for taking such a risky leap to further enhance the medical contribution/services for the people of Pohnpei and FSM. Governor Peterson went on and stated that one of the main challenges for patients in Pohnpei and through out the FSM is Medical referral. He also mentioned that some medical referrals are just for diagnostic purposes rendering risks to patients health and financial problems. The CT Scanner will highly affect medical referrals in terms of diagnostics for patients.

Turn-over Ceremony

USDA Rural Development Communities Facilities Grants funding under its Economic Impact Initiative (EII for $25,000) and the Regular CF Grant (RCF for $8,495) Programs for a Total Grant Amount of $33,495 (55% of Total Project Cost). Pohnpei State Government provided $27,405 in Matching Fund (45% of TPC) for a Total Project Cost of $60,990 for the Three Vehicles for Procurement, Detailing, Sirens and Lights. These Grant Awards were both Obligated on March 03, 2011.One vehicle will be stationed at the Kitti Substation and the other two will be stationed at the Main Police Station in Kolonia Town for Patrol Division usage in Sokehs and Kolonia and Nett.

Student Visit

May 04, 2017 group of Elementary Students from Rohi Elementary School visited Acting Governor Reed B. Oliver at the Pohnpei State Administrative Building. Honorable Reed B. Oliver also prepared gifts for the students which includes backpacks, pencils and notebooks

Swear-in Ceremony

Office of the Governor-April 25, 2017, a swear-in Ceremony was held at the main conference room of the Pohnpei State Administrative Building. Governor of Pohnpei State, The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson administered the oath of office to  three newly appointed board members for the Contract Review Board.

The newly appointed board members are Mrs. Serleen Hadley Walliby, Mr. Quirino Loyola, and Mr. Pressler Martin. During the ceremony, Governor Peterson thanked the new board members for accepting his offer to partake in such an important role for the betterment of the State's developing infrastructure.

April 4, 2017-H.E. Tiborshalev Schlosser, Ambassador of Israel conducted a courtesy visit to Governor of Pohnpei State, T.H. Marcelo Peterson on  April 4th 2017.

During the courtesy visit, the Ambassador of Israel and Governor of Pohnpei State discussed the relationship between FSM and Israel. H.E. Tiborshalev-Schlosser expressed his interest in assisting Pohnpei State in the field of promoting Health and Agriculture. There were some trainings The Ambassador of Israel also mentioned in their conversation that always offered by Israel to train others around the Pacific. machine à sous

H.E. Tiborshalev Schlosser also mentioned the various trainings the Government of Israel offers to most countries in the Pacific. Governor Peterson congrautlated H.E. Tiborshalev Schlosser on presenting his credentials to the President of of the Federated States of Micronesia and also conveyed his appreciation to H.E. Tiborshalev-Schlosser for his keen interest in supporting the people of Pohnpei and the good of our Country.



April 3, 2017,a group of Talent Search Program Students (9th graders) paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Pohnpei, T.H. Marcelo K. Peterson. Governor Peterson welcomed these young and talented students and acknowledged them to pursue what life goals. tragamonedas

Short opening-ceremony for Sporting Goods

On March 15, 2017, Governor Marcelo K. Peterson, joined with Floor Leader McGarry Miquel and Senator Sendilihna Lekka of the 9th Pohnpei Legislature, and President of the Sports Commission Mr. Jose Joab for the opening ceremony for the distribution of soccer balls donated from the Guam Soccer Association. 


The generous donation of 200 balls will be distributed to all elementary schools all over Pohnpei. Governor Peterson and Senator Miquel support sports in schools as a recreational activity to steer students away from drugs and other negative distractions. Donations such as these help to promote athletics and good exercise for youth here in Pohnpei. 

SDA Senior from Marshall

Peilapalap, Kolonia Pohnpei-On March 14, 2017, a group of eleven(11) senior students and three(3) teachers from the Seven Days Adventist School from Marshall paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Pohnpei, The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson. spelautomater

Upon their visit, these senior students from SDA school of Marshall expressed their excitement and appreciation for  the beauty of the tourists attraction sites here in Pohnpei like Nan Madol and the waterfalls they visited. Like every talented and eager minds, alot of questions were asked during the visit but the students were more interested to learn how The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson became the Governor of Pohnpei State.

Governor Peterson wished these students success in school and a pleasant stay in Pohnpei.


March 10, 2017, a  grant signing ceremony was held at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador in Nan Pohnmal. H.E. Ryoichi Horie, Ambassador of Japan to FSM signed over the grant with the exact amount of one hundred eighty thousand and nine hundred seventy dollars ($180,970.00) to Pohnpei State Government. The intended purpose of the fund was for the construction of a new gymnasium for the School of Nett. Governor Peterson thanked the Ambassador for the huge contribution further  stated that he hopes these collaborations will strengthen the ties between the Two Nations. In attendance during the ceremony was T.H. Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei, Director of Education, Mr.  Churchill Edward, Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Heinrick Stevenson, and staff, the Principal and Vice Principal of Nett School, the PTA President of Nett School, and H.E. Ryoichi Horie, Ambassador of Japan to FSM, along with Madam  Ambassador and Embassy staff. 

Achieve3000 is an online, differentiated literacy program that builds reading lexile levels through nonfiction text. It assesses students, delivers the same content to each student at his/her just-right reading level, and then as students complete the lessons and when they are ready, the program will increase their reading lexile level. Most international students triple their normal reading growth in a year when they use the program at least twice weekly and score 75% or higher on the embedded assessments. Achieve3000’s goal is to create literate students who are ready for college and/or career by the time they graduate from high school. machines à sous en ligne



Mavner won his award, the Highest Number of Points Earned in FSM during the month of December by reading and completing more lessons and scoring 75% or better on the tests. Working hard during class, after school, on weekends, and during his Christmas vacation time, Mavner went far beyond what the other 660 students using Achieve3000 in FSM accomplished in that month which demonstrated his interest in learning and improving his reading and literacy abilities. He also had the support of his family at home and his teacher and administration at Nett School, as well.


Education Day- January 31 2017

Governor Peterson deilvering his Special Remarks

RFP-Architectural/Engineering Services Pohnpei State Government Project Managment Office


November 9, 2016, a Swear-in ceremony was held at the Governor's conference room. Governor Peterson administered the oath of office to three (3) cabinet members and four (4) Board of Directors of three offices. Among the newly sworn in Officials are Mr. Kapilly Capelle, new Directo rfor Department of Health, Mr. Nicholson Solomon as the new Director for the Dpeartment of Resource and Development, and Mr. Jack Yakana as the new Administrato of T&I.
Governor Peterson also delivered the oath of office to Mr. William Hawley and Mr. Etiny Hadley for board of directors of Pohnpei Port Authority, Mr. Mohner Esiel for board of Director of Pohnpei Transportation Authority, and Mrs. Maria Donre for board of directors of Department of Education. slot machine

Office of the Governor - October 25, 2016, Honorable Reed B. Oliver, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei attended a workshop that was held at the main Conference Room of the State Administrative building. The planning of the workshop started 4 years ago. The aim of the workshop was to basically introduce the future plan of Ridge to Reef(R2R) Project.  The workshop was hosted by the Office of Environment & Emergency Management,  with the participation of State & National R&D officials, NGOs, The Nature Conservancy and Micronesia Conservation Trust. Honorable Reed B. Oliver gave the opening remarks for the workshop on behalf of the Governor of Pohnpei. In his remarks Lt. Governor stated that most of our small islands,  such as Pohnpei itself, what affects our mountain ridges, impacts our lagoon reefs. Lt. Governor Oliver concluded his speech saying that the Office of the Governor is ready to render any assistance that may be needed to develop a realistic and practical framework for the project in the coming years juegos tragamonedas

On October 18, 2016 the Pohnpei State Department of Health Services hosted its first traditional medicine workshop with technical assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Liaison Office (CLO) based in Palikir Pohnpei and its Regional Office (RO) based in Manila, Philippines. [read more]

State-wide ban on Betel Nut consumption: First of its kind in the FSM

Peilapalap, Pohnpei: September 16, 2016 - On Friday September 16, 2016 Governor Marcelo Peterson signed the historic BETEL NUT legislation that was unanimously and recently passed by the Pohnpei State Legislature. slot spiele online kostenlos

The historic legislation prohibits anyone to consume or chew betel nut in government offices, buildings, vehicles, boats, ships and other public gathering settings including Churches and traditional houses (Nahs). The bill also prohibits businesses to sell betel nut to minors under the age of 18. Furthermore, anyone who is in violation of this law will be fined, put in jail or both.




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