Invitation For Bid No. B10009


Department of Treasury and Administration
P.O. Box 1567
Kolonia, Pohnpei Fm 96941
Tel: (691)320-2243/2323, Fax: (691)320-5505


Pohnpei State Government is soliciting sealed bid for the procurement of the following items:

DTG-UAM CLARITY URUCHECK                                           2 each
DTG-10SG CLARITY UROCHECK                                         40 each
BD42035 1 CENTRIFUGE2001 1 115V                               2 each
QM-100 CENTRIFUGE                                                        1 each
QM-100 BRUSH 2PK                                                          5PK
CS22 CENTRIFUGE, CRISTIPIN                                          1 each
HORACELL150I TC CO2 INCUBATOR                                 1 each

Sealed bids will be accepted from May 5, 2011 until 5:00pm on May 26, 2011; all bids will be publicly open and read 9:30 am at the DOTA conference room on the nest working day. All bids should be submitted to the office of the Director, Department of Treasury and Administration and should include the following information:


1.       Name of Bidder

2.       Bidder address, phone and fax number

3.       Total bid

4.       Date of delivery

5.       Name of contact person

The Pohnpei State Government reserves the right to reject any or all bids received in connection with the invitation for bid. The detailed information required under this invitation for bid may be obtained from:

Mr. Anthony Joseph                                       or                            Mr. Elizabeth Keller
Chief of Public Finance and Property Accountability.                     Director of Health Services
Phone: (691)320-2631                                                                 Phone: (691)320-2216   
Fax: (691)320-5505                                                                      Fax: (691)320-5510         

Any contact(s) awarded under this information for bid will be with the Pohnpei State Government. Contractor/Suppliers will be on all items described herein. The Director, Dept. of Treasury and Administration reserves the right to reject all awarded bids that do not conform to the terms and conditions of the awarded bid inclusive of delivery date.

Thank you,

Thomas Pablo

Director, Department of Treasury and Administration



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