Honorable Reed B. Oliver
Lt. Governor
Pohnpei State Government


Reed B. Oliver

Date of Birth: June 24 1958

Religion: Roman Catholic

Married to: Estle Semes Gallen Oliver

Eight Children: Five Boys Three Girls

Layleen Reed Oliver-(Deceased) Married to Chan Tallon (Children; Sean & Chanelle)

Richard Reed Oliver-(Deceased) United States Army

Kabua Richen Oliver-Married to Tricia Halverson Oliver(Children; J.R., Zailuhk, Emm)

Rosaly Reed Oliver

Rickson Reed Oliver-Married to Maylani S. Felix(Children; Richard II & Elizabeth II)

Caroline Felixtina Reed Oliver-Married to Garison Irons(Children; Jovanee, Ceilly, Liliokalani, Renuhk Oliver Irons)

Einstein Reed Oliver-Married to Vinessa A. Oliver(Children; Eivin & Layton Oliver)

Endy Anjinsan Oliver-Married to Maileen Etse Oliver(Children; Melany & Kaliko)



PICS High School

Catholic Dominican College of San Rafeal, California

Eastern Oregan State University, Oregon

Work Experience

Education; Classroom Teacher 2 Years

Community College of Micronesia; Special Projects(Region IX) 2 Years

Peace Corp Micronesia; Curriculum Writer 2 Years

Pohnpei Utilities Corporations; Acting Manager 8 Months



Boards/Councils/Authority: (PAST)

FSM JTPA Board Chairman

Pohnpei JTPA Board Chairman

Pohnpei Parish Council Chairman

Pohnpei Visitors Bureau Board Chairman

Kolonia Town Economic Authority

Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce

PUC Board of Directors, Chairman

Department of Education Board Chairman

Pohnpei Scholarship Board Chairman



Japan Micronesia Friendship Association

FSM Bank Board, Vice Chairman

FSM Insurance Board, Vice Chairman

Honorary Consul, Israel Government to the Federated States of Micronesia



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