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  2016 Earth Day

Office of the Governor-(April 22, 2016) Earth Day is an international event which Pohnpei had been taking part in over 20 years. This year Pohnpei will also take part in the event which it will focus on restoring the local environment on which all of our lives depend on. Earlier this morning, a short ceremony was held at the Governor's Conference room in honor of this year's Earth Day. During the short ceremony, Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Heinrick Stevenson gave a brief explanation on the history of Earth Day. H. E. Ambassador Doria Rosen was present during the ceremony. Governor Peterson expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude to Ambassador Rosen for her presence during the ceremony and her willingness to help the people of Pohnpei raise awareness for Earth Day.

Drought Relief Assistance

Office of the Governor, Pohnpei - April 15 2016, and hand-over ceremony was held at the front of the Pohnpei State Administrative Building in response to the Drought. His Ecxellency Ambassador Li Jie handed over a good amount of canned goods, sacks of rice and bottled water to the State of Pohnpei as a means of Drought Relief Assistance followed by a speech. In his speech, His Excellency Ambassador Li Jie extended his deepest sympathy for the people of FSM and hopes that all wil work together to overcome such natural disaster. Governor Peterson expressed his sincere appreciation and  thanked H.E. Ambassador Li Jie and the People's Republic of China for the generous helping hand they have given to the people of Pohnpei. Governor Peterson also Personally thanked H.I. and the People'e Republic of China, saying that even before the Declaration for the El Nino has been declared, The Chinese Government prompty responded to the threat. Governor Peterson went on and stated that such good deeds will furhter the relationship that the People's Republic of China have with the people of FSM.




Swear-in Ceremony

Office of the Governor- April 13, 2016, a sworn-in ceremony was held at the Pohnpei State Administrative Builing, Peilapalap St. Kolonia Pohnpei. Three Board members took the Oath of Office, Mr. Lewis Santos, for Board of Trustees, Public Land Trust, and Mr. Pete S.P. Leon and Mr. Ronald Etscheit for Board of Pohnpei Utililies Corporation. The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson extended his utmost appreciation to the nominated candidates for accepting his offer to take responsibility for the given offices they had sworn to uphold.


World Health Day 2016

The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson giving his speech at the 2016 World Health Day, April 7, 2016. The theme for this year's World Health Day is "BEAT DIABETES". In his speech, Governor Peterson points the grim truth that most patients fail to do their medical check ups rendering serious stages of all kinds of illness. He went on and urge the public that it is imperative for an individual to maintain good health but early check-ups.


Donated Fire Truck


Office of the Governor, Pohnpei State Government

The Department of Public Safety recently received a donated fire truck from the Caldwell Fire Department - City of Caldwell in Idaho, USA. This donation was made possible through the collaboration and cooperation between the Western Pacific Island Association of Fire Chiefs, based out of Guam, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) on behalf of the European Union and the FSM National Government. This generous donation could not of been more timing as we are faced with a strong El Nino and recently declared a State of Emergency. The people of Pohnpei will benefit greatly from this generous donation through varies emergency supports it can provide.

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