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Short opening-ceremony for Sporting Goods

On March 15, 2017, Governor Marcelo K. Peterson, joined with Floor Leader McGarry Miquel and Senator Sendilihna Lekka of the 9th Pohnpei Legislature, and President of the Sports Commission Mr. Jose Joab for the opening ceremony for the distribution of soccer balls donated from the Guam Soccer Association. 


The generous donation of 200 balls will be distributed to all elementary schools all over Pohnpei. Governor Peterson and Senator Miquel support sports in schools as a recreational activity to steer students away from drugs and other negative distractions. Donations such as these help to promote athletics and good exercise for youth here in Pohnpei. 

SDA Senior from Marshall

Peilapalap, Kolonia Pohnpei-On March 14, 2017, a group of eleven(11) senior students and three(3) teachers from the Seven Days Adventist School from Marshall paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Pohnpei, The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson.

Upon their visit, these senior students from SDA school of Marshall expressed their excitement and appreciation for  the beauty of the tourists attraction sites here in Pohnpei like Nan Madol and the waterfalls they visited. Like every talented and eager minds, alot of questions were asked during the visit but the students were more interested to learn how The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson became the Governor of Pohnpei State.

Governor Peterson wished these students success in school and a pleasant stay in Pohnpei.



March 10, 2017, a  grant signing ceremony was held at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador in Nan Pohnmal. H.E. Ryoichi Horie, Ambassador of Japan to FSM signed over the grant with the exact amount of one hundred eighty thousand and nine hundred seventy dollars ($180,970.00) to Pohnpei State Government. The intended purpose of the fund was for the construction of a new gymnasium for the School of Nett. Governor Peterson thanked the Ambassador for the huge contribution further  stated that he hopes these collaborations will strengthen the ties between the Two Nations. In attendance during the ceremony was T.H. Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei, Director of Education, Mr.  Churchill Edward, Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Heinrick Stevenson, and staff, the Principal and Vice Principal of Nett School, the PTA President of Nett School, and H.E. Ryoichi Horie, Ambassador of Japan to FSM, along with Madam  Ambassador and Embassy staff. 



Achieve3000 is an online, differentiated literacy program that builds reading lexile levels through nonfiction text. It assesses students, delivers the same content to each student at his/her just-right reading level, and then as students complete the lessons and when they are ready, the program will increase their reading lexile level. Most international students triple their normal reading growth in a year when they use the program at least twice weekly and score 75% or higher on the embedded assessments. Achieve3000’s goal is to create literate students who are ready for college and/or career by the time they graduate from high school.



Mavner won his award, the Highest Number of Points Earned in FSM during the month of December by reading and completing more lessons and scoring 75% or better on the tests. Working hard during class, after school, on weekends, and during his Christmas vacation time, Mavner went far beyond what the other 660 students using Achieve3000 in FSM accomplished in that month which demonstrated his interest in learning and improving his reading and literacy abilities. He also had the support of his family at home and his teacher and administration at Nett School, as well.


Education Day- January 31 2017

Governor Peterson deilvering his Special Remarks


November 9, 2016, a Swear-in ceremony was held at the Governor's conference room. Governor Peterson administered the oath of office to three (3) cabinet members and four (4) Board of Directors of three offices. Among the newly sworn in Officials are Mr. Kapilly Capelle, new Directo rfor Department of Health, Mr. Nicholson Solomon as the new Director for the Dpeartment of Resource and Development, and Mr. Jack Yakana as the new Administrato of T&I. Governor Peterson also delivered the oath of office to Mr. William Hawley and Mr. Etiny Hadley for board of directors of Pohnpei Port Authority, Mr. Mohner Esiel for board of Director of Pohnpei Transportation Authority, and Mrs. Maria Donre for board of directors of Department of Education.

Office of the Governor - October 25, 2016, Honorable Reed B. Oliver, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei attended a workshop that was held at the main Conference Room of the State Administrative building. The planning of the workshop started 4 years ago. The aim of the workshop was to basically introduce the future plan of Ridge to Reef(R2R) Project.  The workshop was hosted by the Office of Environment & Emergency Management,  with the participation of State & National R&D officials, NGOs, The Nature Conservancy and Micronesia Conservation Trust. Honorable Reed B. Oliver gave the opening remarks for the workshop on behalf of the Governor of Pohnpei. In his remarks Lt. Governor stated that most of our small islands,  such as Pohnpei itself, what affects our mountain ridges, impacts our lagoon reefs. Lt. Governor Oliver concluded his speech saying that the Office of the Governor is ready to render any assistance that may be needed to develop a realistic and practical framework for the project in the coming years









On October 18, 2016 the Pohnpei State Department of Health Services hosted its first traditional medicine workshop with technical assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Liaison Office (CLO) based in Palikir Pohnpei and its Regional Office (RO) based in Manila, Philippines.

The workshop was aimed at sharing a quick survey analysis assisted by WHO RO on the use of traditional medicine in the FSM which was in response to Pohnpei State’s request for technical assistance, and with relevant Departments and stakeholders. It is also in response to the 4th FSM NCD Conference which was held in Kosrae last year. Traditional medicine is  a component of the resolution of the 69th World Health Assembly on “Strengthening Integrated, People-Centered Health Services”. WHO RO developed ‘the Regional Strategy for Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific 2011-2020 framework’ and assists member countries to elaborate their own country strategy based on the component of the Regional Strategy.


Traditional medicinal practices in Pohnpei are an ongoing practice and have been for over hundreds if not thousands of years. There are several types of traditional medicinal specialists that are known and has been recorded over time which includes Family curers (those who only heal family members); Herbalists (specialists in plant-based medicine) Sorcery; Men’s, women’s and Children’s illnesses or treatments; Masseurs; Diviners; Midwives and Magical specialists.


Despite its cultural and historical significance and perhaps with its cost saving implications to the overall cost of health care services in Pohnpei, Traditional medicinal practices by law is still prohibited from the State Hospital, dispensaries and clinics. And while the ultimate goal is to integrate local healing practices into main stream healthcare services and provide universal health or affordable healthcare to patients in Pohnpei, the issue remains to linger on how to integrate the approaches in combining western and traditional medicine to add value to a patients care and at the same time ensuring service quality and safety.


In countries like Japan, China and Korea traditional medicine is fully integrated into their health care services based on evidence of historical use. Similarly, in Pacific Island countries like Fiji, PNG and Samoa traditional medicine is included in their national policies and legislations.

The proposed recommendations by WHO to the Pohnpei and FSM National Governmentsis based on years of experience in the field of traditional or complimentary alternative medicine are as follows:

  1. To develop a policy/ strategy and implementation plan to guide development of traditional medicine at the state level.
  2. To collect information on traditional medicine practices and assess role of traditional medicine in health care.
  3. To document traditional medicine knowledge, taking into consideration the implications with regard to intellectual property rights.

4.   To introduce formal training and regulation (registration) of traditional    medicine practitioners.

5.   To include traditional medicine practitioners in the community health team

to complement primary health care services and to provide sustainable and

          culturally sensitive support for managing NCD (the Palau Action Statement

          on Healthy Islands (1999).

      6. To encourage coordination between traditional medicine practitioners and

          western medicine practitioners at the primary health care level.

      7. To encourage collaboration between traditional medicine and western

          medicine researchers.


Offices represented in the workshop included the State Department of Education, Historic Preservation’s Office, Health, and several local practitioners, Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP), FSM Department of Health Non Communicable Disease and Cancer Control Program and the FSM National Office of Archives. The FSM Secretary of Health and the Acting Director of Health Services were scheduled to provide the opening and closing remarks but was not able to attend do to last minute scheduling changes.




State-wide ban on Betel Nut consumption: First of its kind in the FSM

Peilapalap, Pohnpei: September 16, 2016 - On Friday September 16, 2016 Governor Marcelo Peterson signed the historic BETEL NUT legislation that was unanimously and recently passed by the Pohnpei State Legislature.

The historic legislation prohibits anyone to consume or chew betel nut in government offices, buildings, vehicles, boats, ships and other public gathering settings including Churches and traditional houses (Nahs). The bill also prohibits businesses to sell betel nut to minors under the age of 18. Furthermore, anyone who is in violation of this law will be fined, put in jail or both.

The Governor stated that this legislation was long overdue and is necessary due to the increasing number of cancer related cases and deaths in the State of Pohnpei. He also mentioned that Pohnpei is still under a State of Emergency for Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) and therefore will require the State leadership, community leaders and local stakeholders to work together in reversing the crisis. Furthermore, the Governor tasked the State Department of Health Services and its partners to start with the education and work with relevant State Departments and agencies in enforcing the new Betel Nut law.

The FSM National Cancer Control and Non Communicable Disease Program Manager, Mr. Xner Luther who represented the FSM Secretary of Health Magdalena Walter praised the Governor and the State Legislature for their leadership in tackling the NCD crisis and for setting the standard for Cancer related legislation.

Officials attending the signing ceremony included Lt. Governor Reed B. Oliver, Acting Director of Health Services, Governor’s Chief of Staff, Chief of Public Health and staff, Mr. Xner Luther, FSM NCD and Cancer Control Program Manager; and Mrs. Shra Alik, FSM Tobacco Control Officer.







Office of the Governor- September 16, 2016, The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei, administered the Oath of Office to the newly appointed Director of Treasury and Administration, Mr. Feliciano M. Perman. Governor Peterson also administered the Oath of Office to Mr. Antonio John, for Board of Directors, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation; and Mr. Rullens Phillip, Mr. Salvason Salvador, and Mr. Johnny Musrasrik, for Board Members of Small Business Guarantee & Finance Corporation. Mr. Robert Hadley also received the advise and consent from the 9th Pohnpei State Legislature to be a Board of Director for Public Transportation Authority, but was not present during the ceremony.



47th Pacific Island Forum

The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson giving his welcoming remarks during the Opening Ceremony for the 47th Pacific Islands Forum Meetings. The Pacific Island Forum consist of 16 self-governing member countries. These Countires include; Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Signing Ceremony

Office of the Governor- September 1, 2016, The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson signed an agreement with the owners of the Kepirohi Waterfalls, for the renovation of the waterfall trails and install new facilities for the convenience of tourist and locals visiting the site. The agreement is the same as the previous agreement with the Pohnpei State Government and the owner of the Liduduhniap waterfalls in terms of funding and assistance.


Courtesy visit by Air Nuigi Officials(Sept. 5, 2016)

Members of the visit:
Sir Noel Levi- Chairman of the Board
Mr. Simon Foo- CEO
Mr. Dominic Kaumu- GM, Marketing

Swear-in Ceremony

On August 26th 2016, was very proud to swear in a new cohort (M82) of 13 new volunteers to serve for the next two (2) yearson islands all across the FSM. After an intensive 12 week Pre-Service Training held here on Pohnpei, they are now ready to depart to their separate states. These new volunteers will be based in Chuuk-Mortlocks (2), Pohnpei (3), Kosrae (4), and Yap (4). They will be joining current volunteers in the field who are co-teaching and co-planning with local counterpart teachers to teach English as a Second Language(ESL). Peace Corps thank all the host families that will be welcoming these volunteers into their homes and the communities they will be serving for the next two years.

Swear-in Ceremony

Office of the Governor, State of Pohnpei - August 31, 2016, 10:00 am, a swear-in ceremony took place in the main conference room of Pohnpei State Administrative building. The ceremony was for the newly appointed AG for the Attorney General's Office, Executive Director of Pohnpei State Housing Authority, Commissioner of Election Commission, Board of Education, EPA Board of Directors, Board of Directors of Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation, and Board of Directors for Pohnpei Utilities Corporation. Listed Below are the newly appointed nominees;





A)                Attorney General,  Pohnpei State

1.  Mr. Dana Wesley Smith

B)                Executive Director, Pohnpei Housing Authority

1.  Mr. Paulino Lambert

C)Election Commissioner, Pohnpei State

1.  Mr. Emilio Eperiam

D)                Board of Education

1.  Mr. Franky Edward

2.  Mr. Joab Santos

3.  Ms. Alice Ehmes

4.  Mr. Grilly Jack


E) Board of Directors, Environmental Protection Agency

1.  Mr. Valentine Santiago

F) Board of Directors, Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation

1.  Mr. Oltrick Santos

2.  Mr. Bensile Enicar

3.  Mr. Paul James

4.  Ms. Brenda Hadley

5.  Mrs. Lynn Narruhn


G)                Board of Directors, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation

1.  Ms. Cynthia Ehmes

Courtesy Visit





By Jim Tobin, FSM National Olympic Committee

The Federated States of Micronesia will now be sending five athletes to this year’s Olympic Games competing in Swimming and Athletics (Track and Field) and just announced in Boxing.  The Olympic Games are from August 5 to August 21, 2016 in Rio, Brazil.  Late June, the FSM National Olympic Committee (FSMNOC) and FSM Boxing Association were notified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Boxing Association (IABA) that Jennifer Chieng, FSM female Boxer from Yap State, received a late Tripartite Commission invitation to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the Female 57-60kg division in Boxing.  This is outstanding news for the development of Boxing in the FSM, and is a great honor for Chieng.  She has been training in New York the past few months.  Her coach is Erick Divinagracia from Pohnpei State.


The FSM sports delegation, attending the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Rio 2016), will include 5 athletes (Debra Daniel, Dionisio Augustine II, Larissa Henry, Kitson Kapiriel and Chieng), 5 coaches (Elias Rodriquez, Sweeter Daniel, Rendy Germinaro, Lestly Ashby and Divinagracia), 1 Chef de Mission (Sterling Skilling), 1 Press Attach (Curtis Graham), 2 Administrative Staff (John Howard and Ron Etscheit) and FSM National Olympic Committee (FSMNOC) Vice President Ted Rutun and Secretary General Jim Tobin.  


Four-time FSM Olympian, Manuel Minginfel, famous male weightlifter from Yap State, was planning on competing in the Rio 2016 but had to return to Yap do to an illness in his family.


Over 10,000 athletes from 205 countries will participate in 28 sports in Rio 2016. The majority of TEAM FSM, led by Chef de Mission Sterling Skilling, from Kosrae State, will depart the FSM on July 30 and arrive to Rio on June 02.  The Opening Ceremony will be held at 7:00pm, Friday, June 05.  Chieng will be the FSM flag bearer.  This will be the 5th Olympic Games that the FSM has participated in, starting with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.


Debra Daniel and Dionisio Augustine II, both from Pohnpei State, will compete in the 50-meter free style in Swimming on August 11 and 12.  Larissa Henry and Kitson Kapiriel, from Pohnpei State, will compete in the 100-meter dash in Athletics on August 12 and 13. Chieng will compete in Boxing from August 12-19.  The Boxing competition is single elimination and there will be 12 female boxers in the 57-60kg division.


For the past 2 years, Chieng and Daniel have received International Olympic Committee Rio 2016 Athlete Training Scholarships, along with Minginfel and FSM male wrestler Jk Kaminanga from Chuuk State.  All four scholarship holders tried to qualify for Rio 2016 by competing in 2015 and 2016 Olympic Qualifiers, including Oceania and World Championships in each of their sports.  Augustine, Henry and Kapiriel received FSM National Olympic Committee training grants to properly prepare for Rio 2016.


The FSMNOC applied for and received International Olympic Committee and Rio 2016 Organizing Committee grants to fund the costs of economy airfares and Rio accommodation for all TEAM FSM members. NIKE international provided competition and team uniforms. The FSM National Government funded uniform printing and shipping.  Local sponsors: Palm Terrace Shopping Center, Etscheit Enterprises, Matson, Carolina Fisheries, Lyon and Association and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China provided funding for TEAM FSM travel stipends and transit accommodation.


The FSMNOC, with funding support from the IOC, is working with FSM Telecommunications Corporation to stream the live television broadcast of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Yap, Chuuk and Kosrae cable TV stations, most likely from a feed from Fiji One TV in Fiji.  We are not able to confirm if Pohnpei will be able to receive the broadcast feed on Island Cable TV. 


Pohnpei State strengthens emergency operation centre management

18 July 2016

Kolonia, Pohnpei - Training to help improve the response to emergencies and natural disasters is underway in the Pohnpei State this week, with a focus on strengthening the management of the State Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and helping the state prepare and respond better to disasters such as strong winds and storm surges which frequently impact the coastlines.

Pohnpei State Lieutenant Governor Honorable Reed B. Oliver in opening the training encouraged the participants to take advantage of the presence of the regional trainers who are facilitating the training so that preparedness for response in Pohnpei can be enhanced and  this training is timely as the EOC is being activated more often in response to increasingly frequent strong winds and storm surges events affecting the island.

Participants are from the Pohnpei State Government Departments, Offices, and Agencies such as Public Safety, Agriculture, Health, Education, Transportation Authority, Environment Protection Agency, Radio Station, Public Affairs Office.. Two participants are from the FSM Office of Environment and Emergency Management as well as one from the Republic of Palau’s  National Emergency Management Office.

The training is facilitated by regional trainers who are also staff of the Geoscience Division of SPC, Mr. Anthony Blake and Mr Noa Tokavou.   

Following the training, SPC will provide support to Pohnpei State Government to develop Standard Operating Procedures for the EOC which will complement the training and provide a foundation for response to future emergencies.

The EOC training, supported by the European Union funded, SPC implemented Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific Project,  is a capacity building initiative to improve the preparedness and response capability to natural disasters.  

The training will conclude on Friday 22nd July with a simulation table top exercise and is held at the Governor’s Conference room.  

-          END -

Media contacts:

Patrick Carl, Pohnpei State Disaster Coordinating Officer, Kolonia, Pohnpei , FSM,, +691 924 5317


Noa Tokavou, SPC’s North Pacific Regional Office, Pohnpei, FSM,, +691 320 7523


The ACP-EU Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific project has the objective is to reduce the vulnerability as well as the social, economic and environmental costs of disasters caused by natural hazards, thereby achieving regional and national sustainable development and poverty reduction goals in Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Pacific Island States. Implemented by SPC, it will also maximise synergies between disaster risk reduction strategies and climate change adaptation. The total value of the project is EUR 19,367,000 M.

Office of the Governor- July 15, 2016 2:00pm; A Ground Breaking ceremony was held at the Liduduhiap waterfalls in Nett, Pohnpei, for the improvement of the trail leading to the waterfalls. Earlier this month, agreement  was signed by the Pohnpei State Office of Aid Coordination, Tourism and Economic Affairs and the owners of the surrounding areas near the Two waterfalls. The Project funding was made available by the FSM Congress through the FSM Tourism Fund. The funding covers the improvement of the trail to the waterfalls and picnic facilities to accommodate tourists and locals.

Building a Regional Center for Research Excellence in the FSM

Kolonia, Pohnpei July 11, 2016 - PohnpeiState  Regional Center for Cancer and Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Research through a National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded initiative.


On Thursday July 07, 2016 Dr. Neal Palafoxcurrently Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine, and a NCI Principal Investigator with the University of Hawaii Cancer Center met with Governor Marcelo Peterson to share and discuss a  opportunity to develop a National Institute of Health designated Research Center of Excellence.


The discussion about developing more Cancer and NCD research capacity in Pohnpei and the other FSM States has been present for the last 15 years. The most recent discussions about research through a Pacific Regional Center for Research Excellence (RCRE) unfolded during the Cancer Council of the Pacific Islands(CCPI) meeting in December 2015 and April 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The discussions took place in the context of high NCD and cancer burdens in the FSM.


The US National Cancer Institute Initiative (NCI), entitled Planning for Regional Centers for Research Excellence (RCRE) in Non-Communicable Diseases in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) provides a unique opportunity for a RCRE to be developed and based in the FSM States. FSM RCRE projects will focus on preventing and treating  the high rates  liver , mouth, and cervical cancer; as well as diabetes  in the FSM.  The planning includes partners from the FSM and Pohnpei Health Departments, College of Micronesia, UH Cancer Center, UH John A. Burns School of Medicine, and the University of Guam.


The planning budget for the proposed NCI grant includes $400,000 over two years. The RRCE  is not tied to the Compact, and if successful has the potential to continue for decades. The application deadline for the competitive NCI grant is August 23, 2016 and project period, if awarded, begins n April 2017. Successful RRCEs will be eligible for future funding and support from the NCI.


For more information about the proposed Pohnpei Research Center and the grant application to the US National Cancer Institute Initiative please contact the Department of Health Services Administration or the Pohnpei Cancer Control Program and Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) at 320-6101 or email

Swear-in Ceremony

On Monday, July 4, 2016 at 10:00am those who appointed by Governor Peterson and received the advice and consent from the 9th Legislature took an Oath at the Governor’s Conference Room.

Mr. Churchill Edward took an Oath of office for the director of department of Education.

Five board members of the Environment Protection Agency, Mr. Zorro Donre, Mrs. Ginger Porter Mida, Mrs. Lucille Apis Overhoff, Mr.Kanoperson Asher, Mr. Steward Penias, Mrs. Norleen Diorio.

Those you took an Oath for the board members of the Pohnpei Port Authority : Mrs. Lynn Pangelinan, Mr. Ricky Cantero, Mr. Alik Alik.

Mr. Donald David appointed and received advice and consent as a board member of the Pohnpei Sport Commission, Mr. Pius Roby board member of the Petrocorp, and Mr. Richard Adams board member of the FSM Telecommunication.

At the Pohnpei State Oath of Office Ceremony Governor Peterson presented a remarks of Congratulations to the swore-in officers and asked for the support from everyone for the assistance they will need to guide them while doing the important works that will benefit Pohnpei State for now and in the future.

  2016 Earth Day

Office of the Governor-(April 22, 2016) Earth Day is an international event which Pohnpei had been taking part in over 20 years. This year Pohnpei will also take part in the event which it will focus on restoring the local environment on which all of our lives depend on. Earlier this morning, a short ceremony was held at the Governor's Conference room in honor of this year's Earth Day. During the short ceremony, Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Heinrick Stevenson gave a brief explanation on the history of Earth Day. H. E. Ambassador Doria Rosen was present during the ceremony. Governor Peterson expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude to Ambassador Rosen for her presence during the ceremony and her willingness to help the people of Pohnpei raise awareness for Earth Day.

Drought Relief Assistance

Office of the Governor, Pohnpei - April 15 2016, and hand-over ceremony was held at the front of the Pohnpei State Administrative Building in response to the Drought. His Ecxellency Ambassador Li Jie handed over a good amount of canned goods, sacks of rice and bottled water to the State of Pohnpei as a means of Drought Relief Assistance followed by a speech. In his speech, His Excellency Ambassador Li Jie extended his deepest sympathy for the people of FSM and hopes that all wil work together to overcome such natural disaster. Governor Peterson expressed his sincere appreciation and  thanked H.E. Ambassador Li Jie and the People's Republic of China for the generous helping hand they have given to the people of Pohnpei. Governor Peterson also Personally thanked H.I. and the People'e Republic of China, saying that even before the Declaration for the El Nino has been declared, The Chinese Government prompty responded to the threat. Governor Peterson went on and stated that such good deeds will furhter the relationship that the People's Republic of China have with the people of FSM.




Swear-in Ceremony

Office of the Governor- April 13, 2016, a sworn-in ceremony was held at the Pohnpei State Administrative Builing, Peilapalap St. Kolonia Pohnpei. Three Board members took the Oath of Office, Mr. Lewis Santos, for Board of Trustees, Public Land Trust, and Mr. Pete S.P. Leon and Mr. Ronald Etscheit for Board of Pohnpei Utililies Corporation. The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson extended his utmost appreciation to the nominated candidates for accepting his offer to take responsibility for the given offices they had sworn to uphold.


World Health Day 2016

The Honorable Marcelo K. Peterson giving his speech at the 2016 World Health Day, April 7, 2016. The theme for this year's World Health Day is "BEAT DIABETES". In his speech, Governor Peterson points the grim truth that most patients fail to do their medical check ups rendering serious stages of all kinds of illness. He went on and urge the public that it is imperative for an individual to maintain good health but early check-ups.


Donated Fire Truck


Office of the Governor, Pohnpei State Government

The Department of Public Safety recently received a donated fire truck from the Caldwell Fire Department - City of Caldwell in Idaho, USA. This donation was made possible through the collaboration and cooperation between the Western Pacific Island Association of Fire Chiefs, based out of Guam, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) on behalf of the European Union and the FSM National Government. This generous donation could not of been more timing as we are faced with a strong El Nino and recently declared a State of Emergency. The people of Pohnpei will benefit greatly from this generous donation through varies emergency supports it can provide.

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