OFA Quarterly Report

Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Summary Quarterly Report


1.      The Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture, in close collaboration with Pohnpei-based NGOs, have actively participated in meetings, seminars, and conferences relating to activities to confront and make us ready for the climatic changes in the atmosphere. Such atmospheric deviations cause much earthly negative impacts as has been apparent in ocean currents in the region and worldwide. OFA will continue to be an active participant in the future climate change discussions.

2.      While sharks are a nuisance and threat to local artisanal fishers in this part of the Pacific region, it has captured and captivated the attention and concern of individuals like PEW and Kevin Rhodes, PhD, who collaborates with the University of Hawaii. Dr. Rhodes visited Pohnpei this past January, to visit the Kehpara Grouper spawning site and also to tag sharks. OFA offered him assistance reminiscent of that which he received during his one-decade of Kehpara grouper monitoring and tagging. Perhaps our understanding of the lives of the denizens of the deep could well be ascertained by such effort.

3.      A certain fact relating to Pohnpei’s coastal fisheries remains crystal cler: the inshore fish stock of Pohnpei is on the brink of fiasco. To help us restore the stock population decline, the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are at work. The effect of the MPAas has been discussed and agreed upon, even by non-conservationists, to triple the enforcement of these sanctuaries. Another priority is looming and will boom quickly if encouragement is widened. This has to do with the community Pearl farms surrounding Pohnpei proper and its outer-islands. Although not many in number so far, pearl farm projects provide a glimpse of hope for interested people living in far-flung communities of Pohnpei.

a.      Nukuoro community pearl project: Reputable of all, because of its size and harvest capability.

b.      Pingelap farm: community-based and manned by two OFA farm laborers.

c.       Ant farm: giving further symbol to chief Sounihrek and his people.

d.      Nett Point pearl farm: supervised by COM Land Grant, under its chief marine scientist, Dr. Ito - a Japanese citizen.

e.      Peniou pearl project: newest and perhaps the smallest of all Pohnpei pearl farms, belonging to Rosadelima and her husband, Piridolino Santos.

OFA is proud to have contributed to the development of these projects. The COM Land Grant deserves much credit for providing technical assistance for the pearl endeavor.

4.      Japan’s Overseas Fishery Foundation (OFCF) continues to effectively support fisheries needs of Pohnpei, particularly OFA as it provided an intensive outboard motor that utilized participants from outer-islands including Pohnpei. It opted to do major work to repair and upgrade Lisoumwei - OFA’s only vessel. The vessel received almost total facelift and is now operable and is being used frequently to support basic and vital needs of the Pakein community. OFCF pledged to continue supporting OFA’s basic fisheries needs, putting the government’s agency in a mood of indebtedness. We realize the essence of friendship and cooperation.


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