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General Descriptions of the Public Affairs Office

Office of Public Affairs is responsible for the Inter and Intra-Governmental Affairs, Outer Island Affairs, External Relations, Legislative Liaison, provide liaison and administrative support for Paramount Leaders, and the Public Information.

Management of the Office of Public Affairs

Public Affairs Office is headed by the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) who is responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of all responsible areas within the Governor’s Office.

Supporting Staffs

Following positions and responsibilities are critical for the success of the Public Affairs Office mandates given under the Executive Order which implemented the “2000 Re-organization Act” pursuant to Section 4-2(1) of the S.L.No. 5L-140-00:

Legislative and External Relations Officer (L&ERO).

This person assist the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) in coordinating activities and exchange information with the FSM National Government, sister States, foreign governments and organizations outside of Pohnpei; perform protocol duties in connection with visits of dignitaries to Pohnpei; coordinate a program of submitting, follow up on progress and appropriate action on legislations with the Pohnpei Legislature; coordinate activities and exchange information with Legislature and Judicial Branches ; supervises the U.S. Peace Corp and JOCV host family programs by receiving the requests and deciding who will be the host families; and issue allowances to the host families.

Local Governments Liaison Officer (LGLO).

Person who hold this post assists the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) in coordinating activities and exchange information with provincial entities; coordinate meetings of Pohnpei Chief Executive Council (PCEC); coordinate the activities of the Paramount Chiefs in the affairs of government; coordinate with the outer island governments matters specific to the problems and opportunities  of the outer island people; represent Governor to the outer islands during field trip acting as Field Trip Officer and also perform other duties as assigned.

Assistant Administrator and Clerk Typist II

Are responsible for the budget drafting, financing, filing,typing, documents routing and project supports.

Major Accomplishments this Year.

1.  As Chairman, successfully completed the task of the Pre-convention Committee by gathering the issues that the people wish to be considered during the 2ND Constitutional Convention and submitted to the Convention President.

2.  As Chairman of the Special Task Force on the Voters Information Program on the ten proposed amendments to the Pohnpei Constitution, completed the task and submitted the report to Governor.

3.   Provided staff support to the Pohnpei State Planning Committee on the development of the State’s Strategic Development Plan.

4.   Assisted in the coordination of the inaugural opening ceremony of the new Administration Building.

5.   Coordinated all the traditional leaders meetings (ketdih  kan en Mwoalen Wahu).

6.   Continue to represent Governor on Public Hearings held by various Standing Committees of the Pohnpei Legislature.

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Legislative Reports

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