Proposed Micronesian Tourism Complex


  Unicorn International Group

Pohnpei Office of the Public Affairs

Pohnpei, FSM—The proponent for the development of a premier hotel/resort in Lukop Madolenihmw.  Unicorn International, a Hong Kong based company and a subsidiary of Hotung Group made an unexpected visit to Pohnpei last week. It will be recalled that the company visited Pohnpei last year. At the helm of the group, is a world renowned philanthropist, world leader and industrialist, accompanied by the President of the company, Ambassador-at-Large Kerri Zhou and Ambassador-at-Large Tzeng Cheng who through his indefatigable efforts brought this project into fruition.

The group made an ocular inspection on the proposed project site (meaning, they went and saw it.) They were impressed on the natural landscape and beauty of the area befitting an ideal hideaway with five star hotel amenities.

Exchanges of communications and messages ensued thereafter which finally concluded in the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement. The MOU mandates the State Governor of Pohnpei to file to the Pohnpei Legislature a “bill for an omnibus development statute” to give clearance to the Governor and authority for the development of the project. Further, the “bill shall provide for an exclusive casino gambling license, for regulation of the gambling activities and shall address the potential social, cultural and environmental impacts. Along with this project and upon the passage of the Omnibus Bill the State Governor and Unicorn International will enter in to negotiations for a detailed agreement for the construction and management of the proposed MICRONESIAN TOURISM COMPLEX.
The delay in passing the Omnibus Bill prompted Ambassadors-at-Large Ms. Kerri Zhou and Mr. Solomon Cheng to make an unannounced visit to Pohnpei to personally follow up the status of the project. A lengthy discussion regarding the project is made leading to the invitation to the State Governor and the State Legislature Speaker was extended to visit Macau by the mid-part of June 2010 to feel and see the experience of a once sleeping fishing village metamorphosed in to a progressive and modern region by opening its doors for tourism and gambling with the least impact into its traditions and culture.

The legacy of history is preserved and its people remain unperturbed   in the midst of modernity especially the influence of gambling casinos. The Federated States of Micronesia has many natural beauties and landscapes to offer and it is a defining moment for the delegation to learn from Macau.

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