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The Office of Social Affairs, headed by an administrator, shall promote the unique and special interests of the youth, women and senior citizens of Pohnpei. Giving special priority to youth interests, the Office shall establish and promote sports and other recreational and competitive activities and establish youth counseling programs. The Office shall act as an advocate of youth, women and senior citizens interests and rights in the development of cross-sectoral plans and programs, so that the needs and interests of these groups are recognizes and addressed. The Office shall be comprised of the following Sections:

Youth Interests.

The establishment and implementation of educational and corrective programs to address and respond to problems and issues faced by the youth such as alcohol and drug abuse, family crises, and criminal conduct or other unacceptable behavior; and

The establishment and implementation of projects and programs that actively involve the youth in constructive endeavors and which will build pride and self-esteem in themselves and their families, communities and the State.

Sports and Recreation

This Section shall be responsible for planning, development, maintenance and operation of all public recreational facilities such as playgrounds, tracks, baseball fields and basketball courts. It shall also be responsible for planning all sport activities and training for such activities.

Women’s interests

Develop and administer programs to provide training and other assistance to women; and

Develop and assist with programs and projects operated primarily by, or for the benefit of women.

Senior Citizen Interests.

Develop and administer programs to provide training, education, and other assistance to Senior Citizens;

Develop programs which record, transmit and utilize the traditional knowledge, customs and practices, folklore and skills for Senior Citizens, especially to transfer these skills, customs and folklore to the youth of Pohnpei;

Develop and assist with the programs and projects operated primarily by, or for the benefit of senior citizens.



The Economic Planning Commission is the principal economic policy planning, coordination and review entity providing recommendations and assistance to the Governor. The membership, organization and scope of activity of the Economic Planning Commission shall be determined by law or by the Governor as he may deem appropriate to the circumstances and needs of strategic economic planning. The Commission shall be responsible for the development and monitoring of Pohnpei State Five Year Plan and any cross-sectoral and other strategic economic plans as requested by the Governor, and shall be a general economic policy advisory body reviewing all major economic and social projects and programs and making recommendations to the Governor on the long-term implications. Plan implementation shall be the primary responsibility of other government entities, under the direction of the Governor. The Commission shall prepare the budget and verify funding requests to insure conformity with guidelines set by the budget laws, conduct financial and economic forecasts; collect all vital socio-economic data and prepare summary reports and analyses of socio-economic conditions on a timely basis for internal use and public information; and monitor project implementation on a timely basis. The Commission secretariat shall be coordinated by the Economic Planning Adviser.


Other Boards, Commissions, Authorities, Councils and Agencies of the Executive Branch shall perform those duties and functions prescribed by law. They shall coordinate their activities with those functions and duties of Departments and Offices as prescribed above. If and when a governing entity of an executive agency, authority, board or commission is unable to discharge its duties, the Governor may act in the place of the Board or by executive order to provide for the discharge of such duties until such entity is able to discharge its duties.


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